2nd August 2020 (Evening) – Rev. Steve McLean – Isaiah 42

Hello and welcome to Bethel Evangelical Church in Gorseinon and thank you for checking out this weeks sermon recordings.

The 2nd of August saw us host another Sunday evening livestream via our Facebook page. We will publish the audio version here as normal each week for the duration of the pandemic (see above).

Our guest speaker for the evening was Steve McLean of Gosen Church in Rhuddlan, North Wales. Steve led us into the book of Isaiah, chapter 42, where we looked at verses 1 to 4 together.

Sermon: Rev. Steve McLean
Reading: Matthew 12:9-21

If you would like to view the original livestream in video format, you can find it below on our Facebook page:

Sunday Evening Livestream [02/08/2020] 5:55pm

This Sunday evening, we welcome Steve McLean of Gosen Church in Rhuddlan, North Wales. Do join us as we worship together and hear what Steve has to bring us.

Posted by Bethel Evangelical Church, Gorseinon on Saturday, 1 August 2020


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