1st November 2015 (Evening) – Andrew Griffiths

Hello and welcome to Bethel Evangelical Church in Gorseinon and thank you for checking out this weeks sermon recordings.

The 1st of November’s evening service was led by Andrew Griffiths, from Caersalem Evangelical Church, Gorseinon.

Andrew had four points to his sermon, and they were:

  • The Introduction And Greeting
  • What Jesus Has Done
  • What We Can Do

Here are more informative details of the service:

Bible Reading & Sermon: Andrew Griffiths                       Reading: 2 Peter 1:1-11

Hymns Sung:
#536 (Christian Hymns) – ‘Beneath The Cross Of Jesus’
#1113 (Songs Of Fellowship) – ‘When The Music Fades’ (Collection Hymn)
#1458 (Songs Of Fellowship) – ‘My Hope Rests Firm On Jesus Christ’
#566 (Christian Hymns) – ‘A Debtor To Mercy Alone’

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